Purchases of IT equipment

Purchase of IT equipment

  1. Fill out a form.
    - Computer purchaseOrder Computer ICT
    - All other IT purchasesOrder peripherals ICT
  2. When the form is completed the financial approver chosen when filling out the form will receive an e-mail. After this person has approved the purchase IT department will:
    1. Check that the supplier was correctly procured.
    2. Have a dialogue with the buyer if any unclarities exist
    3. Carry out the purchase which will be delivered to Servicecenter
  3. Servicecenter will inform IT department when the purchase has arrived. If the equipment needs configuration IT department will complete this and register the product in the inventory database. After this IT department will inform the buyer that the product is ready for pick up.
  4. IT department will make the object approval of the invoice once it arrives, and attach the approval of purchase (=print screen of the e-mail from the financial approver).
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