VPN for Windows and Mac OSX Stand alone computers

In order to use KTH-resources from outside KTH network you can connect through a VPN-connection. (Virtual Private Network)

For Windows and MacOSX 

  1. Download VPN-client from www.lan.kth.se/vpn/vpn.html 
  2. Config the client by starting it and connect to vpn.lan.kth.se

Get your network secret from  login.sys.kth.se/peap.html The VPN-client does not save your password, so you will have to write it whenever you will use the VPN-client. You can off course save it in the OSX keychain or for windows save it in a notepad file.

How to connect

When you are connecting use the KTH.SE name (xxxx@kth.se) and above Network Secret.

When connected you will see status for the service in the menu by the clock or down to the right in windows.

Till sidans topp