Program to uninstall Adobe

Run this program to uninstall the old Adobe versions Acrobat X pro and Creative suite 6. The program will provide IT with information about the uninstallation. Do not run this program if you use the WIKS platform.

Windows users (without WIKS platform)

For Windows users we have created a program to simplify the uninstallation. It also gives IT-support information that you have uninstalled the old Adobe versions.

  1. Run the program Inventory_108b.exe from this link: and agree to run the program as an admin
  2. The program prompts you to fill out Username, Department and Computername. Inventory number is optional (it is a number that IT department gives newer computers). If you do not know how to find your computername, please follow one of the following guides corresponding to your operating system: Win 7, Win 8, Win 10

  3. When you click OK the program starts to uninstall Acrobat X pro  followed by  uninstalling Creative Suite 6. The uninstallation follows two steps. First it tries to uninstall the programs automatically.

    If the uninstallation is successful you will see the following window:

    If the automatic uninstallation fails the program will start a manual uninstallation instead.

    In this window select both ”Creative Suite 6 Design Standard” and “Remove Preferences” and then click the Uninstall button.
  4. When the uninstallation is completed, this window appears. Click OK to close the window.


Follow this instruction to install the new versions of Adobe.

Installation of new Adobe versions (N.B. Uninstallation of old versions must be completed first! It´s only allowsed to install the new Adobe versions on a KTH owned computer)

  • Adobe DC Pro (next version of Acrobat Pro)
    Is available for download here:
  • Adobe Creative Cloud (next version of Creative Suite)
    Since KTH have a limited number of licenses Adobe Creative Cloud have to be ordered via a web form. IT-support will install this version after approval of our license responsible person.
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