Even though no new home directory is created in this Cell, all users still get a PTS ID created here. This is to make it possible to give you permissions to certain directories that are still present here.
All new users get their home directory created in the new KTH.SE cell.

Below you can see some information about the KTH.SE AFS Cell.

  • default space is 250 MB
  • backup is done every night
  • the AFS folders can be accessed by any computer in the world using OpenAFS
  • we use Kerberos for authentication (KTH.SE realm)

Maximum folder size

The maximum folder size for this cell is 2 GB. There after we need to split up the directories into several volumes.

/Private/My folder/ = 1GB
/Private/My folder/Folder 1 = 1GB
/Private/My folder/Folder 3 = 2GB
/Private/My folder/Folder 4 = 2GB


To check your quota from a Linux computer go to your home directory and type "fs lq"

To check your quota from a Windows computer go to your home directory and right click on i.e Private folder. Select AFS, Volume/Partition and then Propterties.

If you need more quota, please contact IT-Service.


A copy of your home directory can be found in a folder called OldFiles. It contains an exact copy of your home directory liked it looked like the day before.

For longer backup please contact IT-Service, we keep backups for six months back in time.

Till sidans topp