At School of ICT, we have IP-telephones and mobile extension affiliations. What connection you have depends on what you need in your daily work.

KTH Campus hosts a connection that you may need in your work and these costs will be charged by Tele Service at KTH each quarter.

To buy a phone please se the following link.

Purchases - Other equipment - IP-Phones

Netwise - reference database for KTH

Reference system at KTH - Netwise is the operator's database.
In the system, you can refer your phone, enter future diversions and also schedule if you work part time.

It is also possible to search for people and get phone numbers and email addresses, etc..
Please visit the link to the Telecommunications Service page for more info.

NetWise NetWise Manual [In Swedish] (doc 1,5 MB)

Reference Codes
Absence Reason Code Order Date
Lunch 0 *23*0# after 1 hours
Lunch 0 *23*0*1330# will return at 13.30
Gone for the day 1 *23*1# return the next day
Service Case 2 *23*2# rest of the day
Service Case 2 *23*2*1430# will return at 14.30
Session 3 *23*3# rest of the day
Session 3 *23*3*1500# will return at 15.00
Mission 4 *23*4# rest of the day
Mission 4 *23*4*0912# will return on 12 / 9
Lecture 5 *23*5# rest of the day
Lecture 5 *23*5*1245# will return at 12.45
Vacation 6 *23*6#rest of the day
Vacation 6 *23*6*1217# will return on 17/12
Leave of absence 7 *23*7# rest of the day
Leave of absence 7 *23*7* 1213# will return on 13/12
Temporarily out 8 *23*8# after 30 min
Temporarily out 8 *23*8*1400# will return at 14.00
Sick 9 *23*9# until further notice

More info can be found at Telecommunications Service (Teleservice) page.

Telecommunications Service (Teleservice)

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