KTH Kista at Almedalen

Publicerad 2017-07-03

Mark Smith, Professor of IT Product Development and Anne Håkansson, Docent in Computer Science and researcher in AI will discuss Opportunities and Challenges with Smart, Sustainable and Competitive Societies today at Almedalen.

- We want the audience to challenge us, ask what experiments we should try, which kind of devices, sensors we should use. At the end of the day we are scientists, this is our job, Smith says.

According to Smith the reason why Smart Societies using Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a hot topic is that the area is finally getting the technology to make it real. Communities are given the digital tools to become smart cities.

- Our challenges now when we have the technology is how citizens will interact within smart cities. Will the city control the people or the other way around?

Until now Smith says presentations regarding smart cities have rarely been about the people and how they will emerge and develop.

- We need to figure out how the different technologies will include people and not just be about surveillance and control. We know that the technology will reduce both the physical and mental presence of people in smart cities and we don’t want it to segregate people with digital walls. We won´t get all the answers today but it is one step closer, Smith says.

More info can be found here: Futuresmartsociety

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