Attend KTH and EIT Digital exciting panel on Advanced AI user interfaces

Publicerad 2017-08-29

Representatives from the industrial sector and the academia, moderated by an international keynote speaker and technical journalist expert in AI (Mats Lewan) will discuss results and challenges in the relationship between the fields of Human-computer Interaction and Artificial Intelligence.

Mats Lewan will bring attention to two main topics at the panel:

  •  Opportunities for collaboration between human and AI, as opposed to the fear that AI and automation will eliminate most jobs.
  •  The issue with risk for built-in bias in self-learning AI systems, resulting in black boxes with undesired and difficult-to-adjust characteristics, e.g. discrimination of certain types of users.

If there is enough time, he will also address the issue with advanced AI research today being performed largely at private enterprises such as Google, Facebook, Microsoft etc, meaning that the results are not published, as opposed to academic research. Attend on September 14th 14:00-15:30: Register here 

More information about the panelist:

Anne Håkansson, Docent in Computer Science and researcher in AI. Kai Hubner, CTO at Gleechi, which is an award-winning software technology company. Daniel Gillblad, Director of the Decisions, Networks and Analytics laboratory at RISE SICS, which is a research organization. Mats Lewan, is a professional speaker and moderator at conferences, events, and seminars focusing on technology and digitalisation.

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