Environmental work at the School for Information and Communication Technology

The aim for the School for Information och Communication Technology is that all employees shall know about and contribute to the systematic environmental work, be aquainted with the environmental policy of KTH and know where to find information about the environmental management system.

The school works actively with the environmental management system, for which the Dean has the overarching responsibility. To support the Dean is the Environmental council.

The Environmental Council

The environmental council consist of representatives from different areas of the school: the head of administration, the strategic and operative environmental representatives, the infrastructure manager, representative Electrum Laboratory, teacher representative, and representatives for the students and PhD students.

Do you want to report anything that deviates from the environment work?

Have you seen anything that deviates from how we work with environmental and sustainability issues at KTH, so-called anomalies (shortages) in environmental work? Or do you have suggestions for improvement concerning KTH's environmental efforts? Report it here. You can also ask questions and make suggestions for improvements to the central environmental group.

Members (March 2017)

Gunnar Malm strategiskt miljöombud, ordförande


Mikael Prytz operativt miljöombud micke@kth.se
Babak Taghavi doktorandrepresentant btaghavi@kth.se
Oscar Haglund studentrepresentant studiesocialt@insektionen.se
Sarah Winther handläggande miljöombud, sammankallande sarahlo@kth.se
Per Wehlin representant Electrumlaboratoriet pgiwe@kth.se
Christina Zander administrativ chef czan@kth.se

Environmental Representatives

The local environmental representatives conduct the environmental work at the school together with the local management. Important roles of the environmental representatives are to inform colleagues about the ongoing environmental work, answer questions, and create engagement/interest.

Contact: miljoombud@ict.kth.se

Gunnar Malm, strategic environmental representative

Gunnar is associate professor in Electronics. He is Director of Undergraduate Studies for the Department of Electronics.

Mikael Prytz, operative environmental representative

Mikael is the Infrastructure Manager of the school, and as such responsible for the fire prevention work (except for the Electrum Laboratory).

Sarah Winther, administrative environmental representative

Sarah works as Service Coordinator at Service Center. 

Learn more about the environmental work at KTH: Environmental training for Employees

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