Welcome Johan Rohyo, new at the Economy Unit!

Published Sep 01, 2017

Johan has been working at the Economy unit since September 1. Welcome to us!

Who is Johan Rohyo?
A social guy who likes to travel and to eat good food. 

What have you been doing before you came to KTH?
Before I came to KTH I was working at Skatteverket for 3 years where I investigated foreign companies. I have also been working as a lawyer at an assistance company and before that I was a substitute teacher at an upper secondary school.

What made you apply for the job at KTH?
I really liked the job description and the possiblity to work at KTH. I have been wanting to work with procurement for a while now and I am very much looking forward to be able to do that. 

What do you usually do to stress of?
I go out for a run or watch a movie.

If you ever would start your own business - in which line of business would it be?
I like food so maybe I would start a restaurant besides a lake?

What can you eat a lot of and never get tired of?
All sorts of pastries!

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